How to Deal with a Counter Offer

Accepting your new job abroad and handing in your notice is supposed to be a day full of excitement for you.

However, in today’s more competitive world, employers are finding it hard to keep up with the salaries and benefits needed to keep their staff on board. It’s a job seekers world out there and employers are fighting to keep up.

This is why we are hearing more and more about counteroffers coming to the table and of course, there is nothing wrong with this, we just want to make sure that whatever it is you decide to do, you know how to deal with the counteroffer and choose the best for you and your career. So take notes of the following 5 Counter Offer Factors.

Remember Why You Wanted to Leave:
You have gone through a number of screening and phone calls, gone back and forth with countless emails and took days off work to sit an interview (maybe more). Clearly, you are looking to leave and want a new job.

When a counteroffer comes your way you need to remember that there was something that pushed you to apply for that job and if you were to accept the counteroffer now would you end up in the same position a few months down the line because the underlying reasons you wanted to leave is still an issue?
Interestingly, Eclipse found that 80% of those who accepted a counteroffer from their current employer ended up leaving within 6 months.

Befor you deny or accept a counteroffer, do you and your career a favour and ask the following questions

What Took You so Long?
There is no problem in asking this to your current employer if you are clearly worth the new increase in benefits and/or salary, why wasn’t this offered before you reached this stage?
In order, to receive the well-deserved recognition do you need to hand in your notice each time?

It is a high possibility that you will not be happy with any response you get here if you really think about it you know exactly why you received this counter offer.

Am I Happy with the Offer?
Everyone talks about counteroffers but no one mentions whether or not the offer was a slap in the face or a generous offering. If you do receive a counteroffer, asking yourself if you are happy with it is important, is it enough to make you stay?

What About Career Progression?
If you were to accept the counteroffer and stay, are your chances of career progression gone? Will they constantly question your loyalty now that you have already handed in your notice before?

This is a very serious question you need to ask yourself before making any decision.

There are, of course, many other questions you need to ask yourself and your employer when it comes to receiving a counteroffer, we just wanted to highlight 3 of the most important.
Should you have any questions or need career advice when it comes to the job search or working abroad – Feel free to register with us now.

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